"All my life I wonder, about the measure of a man."

By nature, man is a fickle thing. Capable of violence in an instance, and great compassion the next. Defined by love, and the singular pursuit of self actualization. Held captive by a rational mind, yet driven by the basest of instincts. The moments of their lives are built upon the backs of others and yet, they live as though time itself will be defined, immemorial, by their life alone. Measured by the blood they shed, or the letting of their own, the property they possess or by whom they are themselves possessed. Of course to speak of men, is to say nothing if not only to pay tribute to women. The givers of life, whom a great many deaths give service. In whose face men would wave their toughness, their grit, as though in deference to the womb from whence all bravery originates. For what is more courageous, more improbably cavalier, than to bring a child into a world. One which in the end can with certainty, promise only death. For mortality is our only guarantee. And so, woman, and man, and child too, strike out into the world. Despite our prescience, in spite of it even, for death always walks among us. They make a life, full of work and struggle, in want of love and finding senseless loss, too often fraught with willful or indentured futility. But these moments  are dulled by the rare gems: A lover kiss, a child’s laugh, the coloring of the leaves in autumn. Our wants made tolerable by the those bits of sweetness, which(through no small bit of self-deception) we would attempt to define our happiness.

Jus Post Bellum is the story of a man and a woman. An extended narrative. A character study, painted in broad strokes and finely etched. Jus Post Bellum is a man and a woman. A midwestern couple cohabiting in real life, looking towards the past for inspiration. A group of musicians, pulling upon the lessons of the history, painting pictures in the present.

Jus Post Bellum~Justice After War

Jus Post Bellum is an Indie-Folk band, based out of Brooklyn, New York. They play music influenced by blues, country and American Roots music. Many of their songs are inspired by events of the American Civil war and more broadly American History. They play frequently around New York City and Brooklyn as well as the greater east coast region. Last fall they toured down through Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama and New Orleans in support of their debut album “Devil Winter”, which Deli Magazine described as having “An old time feel accented by melancholy and refinement”. Jus Post Bellum at times fits squarely amidst the folk revival championed by the likes of Fleet Foxes or Mumford and Sons, but their songs tend towards the complex, darker side of American songwriting with an intense focus on lyricism and content, and a strong degree of minimalism and intent in arrangement less common to bands of this genre. Band leader Geoffrey Wilson includes among his influences everything from Bob Dylan to Bon Iver, and credits his Minnesota roots, and years living in the Hudson Valley with shaping his sound. Their shows are often markedly hushed affairs with audience members moved to silence during sparse ballads, only to be revived by classic, knee-slapping country twinged tunes about love, loss and all that falls between.

Jus Post Bellum is Geoffrey Wilson (lead vocals, guitar), Hannah Jensen (vocals), Zach Dunham (drums, percussion, vocals), and Daniel Bieber (bass, cello, vocals).  All songs written and arranged by Geoffrey Wilson and Jus Post Bellum.