SOUNDCHECK : Jus Post Bellum's "Gimme That Gun" opens with just enough church choir harmonies to make it feel like you're witnessing a river baptism -- or the last few seconds before a stand-off. Once the twang kicks in, immediately you're transported to a simpler, dustier time. Indeed, Jus Post Bellum's song -- with the sharp pluck of a banjo, and the soaring vocal harmonies -- recalls the past, but that heavy drumbeat serves as a reminder that they exist in the now.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, SPEAKEASY: Although folk group Jus Post Bellum is part of a recent wave of rustic sounding, roots-oriented bands headquartered in Brooklyn, the quartet draws inspiration less from Mumford & Sons than the Civil War and American history in general.

THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION, SONG OF THE WEEK (GIMME THAT GUN): A bit of anachronism can go a long way, especially when referencing themes of suicide, war and unrequited love. Brooklyn-by-way-of-Minnesota band Jus Post Bellum combines Civil War-era tall tales with modern folk revivalism. On their latest album, Justice After War, duo Geoffrey Wilson and Hannah Jensen are in top form, dishing out pastoral hymnals that expand upon the work of Seattle greats Fleet Foxes.

THE DELI : In its records inspired by the American Civil War, Jus Post Bellum has an old time feel accented by melancholy and refinement.

EXAMINER : "Devil Winter" by Jus Post Bellum is an Indie-Americana album with genuine folk heart.

 GRASSCLIPPINGS : “In From the Dark” and “Old Pine Box” are songs that are musically and lyrically top notch and will have this band working the festival circuit in no time.